16 September 2016

Was supposed to travel with the group this morning (for the weekend trip), but decided stay in Vilnius until after my National Minorities class.

As always, my good intentions screwed me. The class was canceled. I stayed back for nothing. I missed an entire day of travel.

My train didn’t depart until the evening, so I went by Omnitel to activate the Spotify Premium subscription that came with my new data plan.

Had a late lunch at the station. My train departed at 4:30, it was a pleasant trip.

I arrived in Klaipeda at 8:30. Walked to the hotel, which was flooded by 90 Erasmus students. The crew told me all about their amazing day in the beautiful seaside town of Palanga. I was extremely frustrated.


Pregamed with the Dutch kids, Jan, Enola (French girl, good friends with Robbin) and Daniel’s new ‘friend’ Maria (Bulgarian).

Around 11:30 we walked to the club, but I wasn’t allowed in because I was wearing sandals. What kind of beach club doesn’t allow folks in with sandals? To be honest I wasn’t that upset.

Kristiaan and I roomed together. I fell asleep just after midnight.

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