19 September 2016

Was so excited to run this morning after a weekend of self-indulgence, alas, pipe broke… no water, no shower.

Dressed and went for lunch at the Mexican place near my IR courses. I think I’ll make this my Monday routine.

Of course, on the week I didn’t read, Professor Girnius decided to forgo handouts and use a powerpoint instead. I took pictures of every slide.


Went for a quick coffee and then to Girnius’ office hours to discuss my struggle with the readings. I confessed that it took me about 3 hours per 20 page article. He responded that such a time commitment is reasonable for philosophy, and that indeed his assignments are (verbatim) ‘heavy shit’.

After Morality of War I took the bus to Olandu. Was able to catch up with Majd on the ride- he’d had his first medical school interview (UAB).

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