24 October 2016

Was outside the Belarus consulate by 10:30. Stood in the freezing cold for two long hours waiting for my ticket number to show up on the screen. Thank god for NPR.


Was in and out of the consulate within five minutes. I’d applied for a transit visa, but apparently I need a tourist visa from a tourist agency…  They directed me to one across the street. I was told to come back tomorrow.

Dad is also in the visa application process, there is really no telling if either of us will get approved. I’ve prepared multiple itineraries for his visit just in case. He is determined though, so much so that he wrote a poem: DO NOT GO TO BELARUS WITHOUT ME!

Had a coffee before class at 3:00. We learned about associative duties in regards to patriotism.

Had lunch before class at 6:30. We learned about just cause for engaging in a humanitarian intervention.

Talked to Clara and Dad on the way home. I’ve been approved to graduate this summer.

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