01 December 2016

Jumped rope and packed before checking into the hotel on Gediminas where I worked on my paper.

Left for the airport at 4:00 where I met my good friend Samantha Notowich. She is spending the year as a JDC fellow in Berlin where she engages the young Jewish community.

Samantha asked me to look into her ancestry about a month ago. I discovered that she was of half-Ukrainian heritage, which served as a useful means for convincing her to accompany me to Kiev (via Vilnius). We dropped our things at the hotel where I shared some interesting findings.

Walked through the Christmas market in Gedimino Square on the way to dinner.


We were joined by Amit at a traditional restaurant on Pilies. I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Amit walked us down Literature Street, which was once home to Vilnius’ most prominent writers. A memorial now stretches down an alleyway wall.


We enjoyed some Dutch Pancakes at the Christmas market before parting ways.


Samantha and I caught up over drinks on Gediminas. Her familiar face has definitely alleviated my stress.

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