03 September 2016

Met Kristiaan and Robin downstairs at 11:00. Took a bus to the river and then went on a pleasant 30 minute run around it. Really glad to have found some running buddies.


Grabbed some coffee and then took the bus back to Olandu. Showered and then went with the brothers to the food stands in city center. We ran into George and his Georgian crew there.

Met up with Milda at the cathedral at 3:15. We walked to a pub for an Erasmus event. Made plans to pre-game at her home tonight, she turns 21 at midnight.

Traveled back to Olandu to prepare for the evening. Watched some Narcos and then left with the brothers and Robbin for dinner. We ended up taking the bus too far, well outside of the city.


Took the bus back to city center where we grabbed dinner at a pizza place with poor service.

Milda’s was a twenty minute taxi ride away. It was off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, but her house was beautiful. There were only a few folks there.

We traveled together to a luxurious club in the city- ‘Buddha’. Milda bought Jack Daniels and a table for our small group for quite the pretty penny, but I did not complain.


Showed off my American dance skills before heading home at 4:00 in the morning.

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