02 September 2016

Started the day with orientation at 9:00. Walked to campus with my roommates. The speeches were predictable.

Went for coffee with Daniel, Kristiaan and Robbin. They were exhausted from the previous night, while I was joyfully well-rested.

Picked up some new sunglasses then ate traditional food with Daniel from a stand along the main street. There’s a festival of sorts in the city this weekend.


Walked to the Cathedral (a frequent meeting spot) for a school-sponsored tour of the city, but left after thirty minutes. The guide was quiet and uninteresting.


Caught up on Narcos at Olandu (my dormitory) before heading to dinner with Daniel and Kristiaan. Kristiaan’s pizza fell onto his lap and made quite the mess, but he handled it surprisingly well.

We left for the Erasmus pub-quiz at 9:00. The venue was very nice. My teammates were the brothers, a kid from Argentina, and a flamboyant Israeli (Gal) who had just broken up with his boyfriend of 3 years.

Gal’s friend Amit joined a bit later. My mom had only one hour prior posted an article about Amit on my Facebook wall. Amit is the head of the Jewish Student Union at Vilnius University. Crazy coincidence. I’m really excited to have made this connection, hopefully she can assist me with my heritage explorations.


The quiz was followed by more Karaoke. Gal performed an enthusiastic rendition of ‘Believe’.

Kristiaan, Robbin and I took a taxi home while most stayed out.

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