31 August 2016

Woke up at 8:30 this morning, was soon out the door. Took a nearby street to city center, which I expect I’ll do frequently once classes start. Thankfully, it was a very pleasant walk- mostly modern buildings with scattered pre-soviet homes and an abundance of cafes.

I sat down at the first cafe that I saw. We don’t have access to Wifi in the dormitory yet, so I’ve been relying on my phone.

The cafe was beyond perfect. My cappuccino was delicious and the music couldn’t have been better- mostly Beatles and an obscure band from America that just so happens to be one of my favorites (Fleet Foxes).


I wrote for 2.5 hours before deciding that I needed a change of scenery. Continued down the road until I reached another cafe. Ordered another coffee, wrote for another 3 hours. Finally my blog is published. It has been an persistent anxiety, glad the weight is off my shoulders.


Met Daniel and Kristiaan outside the cafe at 2:00. We walked to city center where we met up with Milda. She helped me and a few of her other mentees order a Student ID. Meanwhile, my roommates have not even heard from their mentors.

Took a taxi back to 51 Olandu (my dormitory). I put on my running clothes and knee brace and headed out for the first time since I injured my knee a month ago. I found on my map a nearby park that I figured I could run through. As I made my way out the door I quickly realized that my brace wouldn’t stay on as I ran, so I threw it in the nearest trash bin.

I soon learned that the ‘park’ was a highway through an abundance of trees, entirely uphill. I ran in that direction for about 15 minutes before turning around. My knee gave me no trouble whatsoever. I was so thrilled.

I made it back to the dormitory in time to shower before going out for the night. My roommates and I met up with my mentor and some of her friends in the city center. We sat down to dinner and drinks,and were soon joined by a group about 3 times our size, including my friends from Holland.

We were miraculously able to find a pub that would host all of us (about 20). It was a terrific start to my time in Vilnius.

George, Dimo, and I walked 30 minutes back to Olandu.

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