07 September 2016

Woke up around 9:00. Researched family houses in Vilnius using the Lithuania Internal Passports Database (1919-1940) on JewishGen.  Plotted the addresses on Google Maps and designed a run around them.

The run was crummy (along populated streets with frequent traffic lights). Nevertheless, was neat to see the homes, which it turned out I’d walked by many times.

My great-great-grandmother, Ida Riches (later Lapidus), was born in Lida, Belarus. Her family eventually moved to Vilnius where she was married, where her sister was born, and where her father died. Her father (Nathan) had multiple siblings, they also moved to Vilnius. Some of their descendants made it to America and Israel, others stayed and perished in the Holocaust.

Home of Nathan’s nephew, Chaim Riches (son of Kushel): 10 Subaciaus Street


Home of Nathan’s nephew, Eliezer Riches (son of Jacob): 85 Subaciaus Street


After my run I walked to city center where I ate, had a coffee, and spent 30 minutes uploading class readings to the class Facebook group.

My first history class, History of Lithuania (1919-1990), was supposed to be at 3:00. The teacher never showed. Alas, right outside my window was the Presidential Palace, so no complaints.


Robbin and I took the scenic route back to Olandu. Stayed in the rest of the night.



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