21 September 2016

Woke up early and made my way to a cafe in city center. Sat there for five hours trying to schedule the 18 remaining shtetl stops around my unfortunate class schedule. I can accomplish Lithuanian towns on weekends and day trips, but will need to miss class for Polish and Belarusian. Still need to consider things like tour guides and rental cars.

Had history in the evening. The professor has terrible English and is impossible to understand. He argued that Vincas Kudirka (author of national anthem) was not an anti-semite, but simply an advocate for Lithuanian unity.

The Jews… our most terrible enemies… the most vicious wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing
Vincas Kudirka

Walked home with Robbin, bought dinner on the way.

FaceTimed with Anna Meyers (Northeastern friend) for a while, she moved to Israel.

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