22 September 2016

Went on the long run, averaged 8:10/mile.

Had a terrible shower- pipe’s broken again so no pressure.

Was invited to dinner by Manon, Milda is also her mentor. She lives on the other side of the river, where I haven’t spent much time, so I traveled early to explore.

Found an instrument store. I inquired about renting a keyboard- 50 Euros per day was their best offer. I’m really struggling without a piano to decompress.

Talked to mom as I tried to find a cafe, which was surprisingly difficult. I think it was the business district. Eventually found a place with amazing shakshuka, I blogged there for a while.

Picked up wine on the way to dinner. Manon and her roommate (Morgane) live in a spacious, nicely furnished flat- I was so jealous. They are both from the Lyon area. They made delicious crepes filled with cheese/salami, curd, Nutella, sugar… They somehow managed to endure my questions about French politics. It turns out they were happy to practice their English.

We traveled together to the Erasmus ‘International Gathering 1’ around 10:00. Stumbled upon a large crowd enjoying spooky folk music and burning straw figures by the river. It was apparently a celebration of the autumn equinox, clearly a remnant of paganism.


The event was held at Crazy Bull in city center. Different groups of students presented on cultural aspects of their country. The Germans presented a drinking game, of course. Sat with a group of French girls, easily the cutest I’ve met in Erasmus.

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