03 November 2016

Jumped rope and then headed to the airport to greet Dad!

Worked on our itinerary a bit before he landed at 1:30. Hadn’t seen him since July.


Got situated at our hotel on Gediminas. Of course it was snowing for the first time since I arrived.

Gave him a brief history lesson as we made our way to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.


It was the first of many places to show Dad in Vilnius that I’ve already visited. Was my first time inside though and it did not disappoint- at least 2,000 stucco figures.


Stopped at the old cemetery as we continued up Olandu to my dormitory. Dad’s great-great-grandfather is buried there. We walked around for a bit until it got dark.


Showed off my unfortunate living conditions and then ubered to dinner at a traditional place on Pilies.


It was so nice to have good company and a decent meal.


Shared ice cream and then bought snacks for the room before tucking in. He was out within seconds, had traveled a full day- Birmingham, Chicago, Newark, Frankfurt, Vilnius.

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