24 September 2016

Picked up breakfast with the Dutch brothers and their Japanese roommate (Koki) and then taxied to a spa that Daniel found online. It’s a celebratory weekend for Kristiaan’s birthday.

Spent a couple hours there- we swam in the lukewarm pool and sat in the lukewarm jacuzzi. Even enjoyed a steam and sauna, but nothing compared to Nadvirna.

Bussed home, picked up lunch and dinner materials on the way. Napped and showered, meanwhile Koki prepared a delicious Japanese meal.


Blogged for a bit and then left for fireworks with Daniel, Kristiaan, Koki and Dimo. The show was a seemingly steep 15 Euros, but we soon learned it was worth it. Walked a long dark path to reach the arena, in Vingis Park, which was flooded with attendees. Three teams competed- Britain, France, Denmark.


Crummy Lithuanian musicians performed between the spectacular presentations.


We walked the long path back and hailed a taxi to a club in city center.


Spent a couple hours there, Kristiaan turned 22. We taxied home and picked up hotdogs on the way.

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